THE GRAIN STORE (Kings Cross): one happy vegetarian eats a duck egg (CLOSED)

Stepping off the train in London always makes me smile. It brings back memories of coming here with my parents, always in September for one last week of holiday before school started; the city was so strange to this little ol’ Canadian kid, and everything just seemed cooler somehow. My mum and dad bought my back to school gear from Miss Selfridge and Topshop, and I loved rocking up on civvies day in my copycat Tom Ford for Gucci velvet flares and satin button-downs. I bought my first pair of platform shoes here, a pair of psychedelic rainbow sandals from Red or Dead that I still have somewhere in the depths of my wardrobe.

I’d been wanting to visit The Grain Store (1-3 Stable Street, Kings Cross) ever since I saw my friend post photos of her birthday meal there a few weeks ago. Truthfully this is exactly the kind of place I love; I’d had a quick look at their menu so even before I stepped inside I knew there would be loads I could eat here. Living in Scotland I’m used to the ubiquitous meaty mains with a couple of token vegetarian options thrown in to appease those of us who don’t eat da meat. The best thing about this menu was the option to make pretty much anything vegan or gluten free!


I started with the heritage tomato gazpacho, which was the vegan option. Velvety chilled varieties of red, green and yellow heirloom tomato soups served as modern art in a bowl.

I would say I’m vegan about 80% of the time, though I call myself a vegetarian. Having said that, I haven’t eaten an egg in at least 2 months after deciding to keep a mostly-vegan diet, so for me to have one it had to be pretty special. This was no standard farm egg, but a beautiful poached duck egg with the creamiest orange yolk, sitting on top of a deconstructed bubble and squeak.

After a couple of strawberry-and-grass-infused bellinis, I decided I still has room to splurge on dessert.

Strawberry and tea jelly with fresh strawberries, crumbled Viennese biscuits and a peppercorn ice cream had all my favourite elements of a great pud, and of course as The Grain Store is so freaking fabulous, the jelly did not contain gelatine.

I’m not the kind of person who can polish off a fudgy chocolate cake after two courses, so this was perfection. Now I’ve had my dairy and eggy cravings satisfied for the next wee while, I’m back to my happy little vegan self!

I couldn’t fault this place; the food was amazing and the laid-back industrial vibe to the decor was spot on. I only wish I had time to go back and sample their dinner menu!

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