Mesa Verde: Ruminations of a hungry lass in Luxembourg

About a month ago, I went on a whirlwind trip to Luxembourg to rescue  mum and dad’s flat from the Great Catastrophic Flood (as my parents affectionately called it).

I lived in that apartment when I was a teenager, and if I’m honest it’s not changed much since. I’m very excited at the prospect of redesigning the sitting room and dad’s office! He’s given me free rein which is such a vote of confidence; I’ve always had a feeling my parents think my job involves picking cushions and curtain fabrics, so the fact they’re letting me take down walls is AWESOME. 

This was my first time out in Luxembourg City on my own, so I’ll quietly admit it made me feel rather grown up. My parents live a very different life there than somebody my age, so when I’d visit them it was fancy Michelin starred restaurants and gourmet delis. Not something I can afford on my own! Not on a regular basis anyway.

I only had an hour or so to wander as most of my time was of course spent at their place, assessing the lay of the land. I did decide I wanted to go out for dinner though, because I’m the kind of person who doesn’t feel a place has been properly visited until I’ve had a meal out there. Food is a massive priority for me.

Now you may or may not know that I’m trying to be a good vegan; I’ve been a vegetarian for nearly a year now, but veganism is not only a new thing for me, but also a learning curve. It’s been exciting trying out new recipes, and I’ve had so much fun trying new foods! It’s not the easiest eating out in Edinburgh though as there are only a handful of veggie restaurants in the city in contrast to somewhere like London or  Toronto. I was pleasantly surprised at how much Luxembourg has to offer if I’m honest!


One of the places I’d heard about was called Mesa Verde on Rue du Saint Esprit near Place Guillaume. I really enjoyed having a stroll around town in the rain, something I’d almost never do in Edinburgh. Narrow, cobbled streets, old town architecture, intriguing passageways. I’m amazed I’d never explored the place my entire time living in Luxembourg as a teenager!

The place was pretty hard to find; I wandered the entire way down the Rue du Saint Esprit before I realised I was at the wrong end of the street, asking for directions in my slightly sketchy Luxembourgish from some non-Francophone locals walking their dog! Whoops! It was totally worth it in the end though, and I had a wee giggle to myself that I’d somehow missed the NEON GREEN sign above the door. Whoops again.

Mesa Verde isn’t a strictly veggie restaurant, but it’s specialities are “vegetarian and seafood”. I’m pretty happy with that though, as there were plenty of options on the menu for someone who doesn’t eat fish.

I loved the subtle Moroccan vibe they had going; nothing too cliched but some pretty wall-hangings and stunning voile light fixtures that I fell in love with. I’m a sucker for a gorgeous light, and it’s secretly the reason I wanted to become a designer in the first place! That whole look can be so overdone, but these guys nailed it.

However, due to the beautiful moody lighting, I have to apologise in advance for my rubbish photography skills. I really need to get a more compact camera, as I take almost all my photos on my iPhone. Great in brightly lit spaces, not so useful in restaurants after dark!

I can’t resist an intriguing smoothie, so I made a feeling for the “Vitamine-freak”, which contains fresh orange pressé, mango, passion fruit and tomato. Yes, tomato. In a smoothie. Totally works, trust me!

Now I have a confession to make: I am a vegetarian who doesn’t like salad. I kinda feel like someone is going to take away my veggie privileges if I say that too loudly, but I have never been a huge fan of most cold vegetables. However, a salad came with my meal and it was SO AWESOME. It wasn’t fancy, didn’t have hundreds of ingredients, but what it did have was an incredible dressing. I’m not exaggerating, this dressing was unbelievable. My waiter told me it was just fresh lemon juice, sesame oil, soy sauce, and garlic that had been steeped in oil for a week to remove the bite. A well dressed salad is a definite improvement on the limp iceberg lettuce and sad looking tomatoes of house salads of yore.

I’ve really missed sushi  since I stopped eating fish, but this was just what I needed. They didn’t just stop at avocado maki, oh no, they decided to put MANGO in there. That’s pretty much two of my favourite things to eat, all wrapped up in a sushi roll! I was so happy!!!

I decided to try the Nabe dofu soba, a Japanese style tofu “pot au feu” with soba noodles, Chinese cabbage, broccoli, carrot, radish and winter melon, served a side of tofu stuffed with some ridiculously tasty seaweed. Looked like noodles. Tasted heavenly. I could eat this every day. 

   I wish I’d had time to try out more restaurants, but I was only in Luxembourg for a day. Next time, eh? I’ve already started thinking about where I want to go next!



  1. This all seems so yummy! I’m glad you had a nice time in Luxenbourg! I loved reading your little adventure. 😉
    Amelie xo

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