Good morning sunshine at KIN CAFÉ, London

I arrived in London at 8am overpacked, still sleepy, and VERY hungry. I’m so used to travelling for work now when it comes to a 3-day business trip where I have only a few hours to myself to explore a city? I have lists. Mostly lists of places to eat. So because I have a few hours to spare before I can check-in, I thought I would tick one off my foodie wish list right away.

Kin Café (22 Foley Street, Fitzrovia) kept popping up when I was searching for must-eat vegan breakfasts in London. When I was last here for work I spent most of my mornings at Mojo in Soho but this morning I thought I’d give this place a go. Close enough to my apartment for the weekend not to need to take the tube, far enough to make manoeuvring with my huge bag interesting.  

 I’m not usually the biggest eater of breakfasts because, well, I’m not a morning person. I work from home 80% of the time so my usual breakfast is leftovers. When I’m travelling though, oh my god I’ll eat a full breakfast plus fruit and with a side of muffin. Every single morning. Don’t forget the smoothie and the cup of tea. It’s a wonder I can get any work done after I’m so stuffed!

Kin is one of those effortlessly cool café types, not pretentious at all (I felt perfectly at home straight off the train with “public transport hair” and scruffy trainers) and like the kind of place I could see myself stopping in every morning. Borderline hipster but not taking the piss, I like to call it. 

I went for the millet porridge with apple, cinnamon, nuts and seeds. I should probably mention this is a cold  porridge, sort of a cross between overnight oats and Bircher muesli in almond milk. It tasted like pudding. Stuffed full of the tastiest, fattest raisins that have ever made their way into my mouth.

I’m a sucker for a cooked breakfast, but in Edinburgh they seem to be a rarity for vegans! I sometimes dream about the amazing vegan breakfasts I’ve had at Fresh in Toronto, but our Scottish offerings are more the cupcake and muffin variety than a good old fashioned savoury cooked breakfast. What’s that you say, a tofu scramble toastie with pesto? A few spinach leaves tossed in there because they’re my favourite? Yes please!

My apple, pineapple, carrot and lime smoothie came in a tiny milk bottle. Not a combination I would have thought of myself but it was just like sunshine in liquid form.

By the time I’d eaten all that it was nearly time to head to the apartment. But then I remembered I hadn’t actually had my second cup of tea yet and remedied that with the most gorgeous, delicate “fired green” tea by Postcard Teas.

And then, then I was finally done with breakfast. Stay tuned for a thorough description of my lunch…

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