Angry (if it doesn’t look like a duck or quack like a duck) 

Can we stop equating any loud and outspoken woman with being a feminist please?
It’s a low dig at women, and at feminists. There are still women out there who don’t believe we need to continue to fight for gender equality. It’s not important to them. They either can’t see beyond their own lives or they just simply don’t care. They’re happy to take for granted the rights and freedoms we now have as women that previous generations of feminists have fought for. The right to vote, to own property, the right to be identified and treated as a human being. They forget that it wasn’t that long ago women were treated as property here, and still are in some parts of the world.
They aren’t feminists.
I’m not saying that everyone has to feel as strongly about it as I do. I get it. But it now seems that any opinionated woman is labelled a feminist just because of her gender. Whether her views correspond with feminist ideals of not. Whether she identifies as a feminist or not. Whether she has hugely problematic things to say about the need for equality. It detracts from what we are working towards and if dilutes the message of what feminism is all about.
Not to mention it’s also BLOODY SEXIST.


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