Women in Music: Showing support for artists in Scotland

Earlier this week I wrote a post about DAREFest, an event I’m very excited about. It’s a one-day festival offering workshops on empowering women through music, and celebrating some of the finest local riot grrrl musicians and bands. If you want to read more about it you can find my post here, or check out their website
In the spirit of support for the fabulous women who make the music scene in Scotland what it is today, from folk to jungle, jazz, house, bluegrass, pop, reggae, punk, and everything in between, I’m sharing some of my favourites. They are the women whose music I’ll listen to and whose gigs I go to. They’re recommended by my friends. Some of them are my friends.


DAREFest 2017

Lou McLean: Facebook, SoundCloud  singer, songwriter, acoustic riot grrrl pop

Ashley Stein (Fistymuffs): Facebook, Youtube  riot grrrl punk



There is no shortage of talented women in all genres of music here in Scotland. When I started writing about DAREFest, I initially wanted to add a wee list of some of the fabulous lassies whose music I’d discovered over the years, or who came recommended by friends with impeccable taste. This is that list. 

There’s Anikonik, who plays jungle, drum & bass, and footwork. She’s one of the co-founders of the Dundee and Edinburgh based Junglism, and is one of my very favourites. Or the legend that is Bob, aka Roberta Pia. Bob is an Edinburgh institution, a multi-talented performer, singer, DJ and writer. Cera Impala is a banjo-playing goddess with an affinity with any instrument bearing a string, and Nem has a gorgeous voice that will give you goosebumps, as well as the ability to spin an incredible reggae/dub set. 

Here are some of my favourites, and some artists recommended to me. Have a listen!

Anikonik: Facebook, SoundCloud  drum and bass, jungle, footwork

Ailsa and the Seahorses: Facebook, SoundCloud  storytelling, dreamy acoustic

Amy Lou Rogers: SoundCloud  folk

Bambi Tas: FacebookSoundCloud  dance/electronic, tropical bass

Be Charlotte: Website, Facebook, SoundCloud  pop

Beccy Owen: WebsiteFacebook  pop up choirs 

Caitlin Buchanan: Facebook, SoundCloud  folk

Carla J Easton: WebsiteFacebook  disco, dub, psychedelic pop 

Cera Impala: Website  folk, banjo

Chrissy Barnacle: SoundCloud, BandCamp  alt-folk

Eclair Fifi: SoundCloud  dance/electronic

Elizabeth Veldon: BandCamp  experimental electronica

Honeyfarm: Facebook  hiphop

Jenny Biddle: WebsiteFacebook  indie, folk, blues

Josephine Sillars: WebsiteSoundCloud, Youtube  singer, songwriter, storytelling

Kimberley Newell: Website, Facebook, SoundCloud  hiphop

Laurence Made Me Cry: Website, Youtube  electronic folk

Luka: Facebook, SoundCloud  techno

Ma Bla: SoundCloud  tek, acid techno

Mo Ford: Facebook  Americana, blues, country, bluegrass, jazz

Nem: SoundCloud  reggae/dub, vocalist

Nightwave: Website, Facebook, SoundCloud dance/electronic

Rebecca Vasmant: Facebook, SoundCloud, Youtube  dance/electronic, jazz, house

Roberta Pia: Facebook, SoundCloud, Youtube  singer, songwriter, Banana Sessions

Siobhan Wilson: Website, Facebook, SoundCloud  singer, songwriter, folk

Siren: Soundcloud  breaks

Soom T: WebsiteFacebook, Spotify  vocalist, Mungos HiFi

Twistettes: Facebook, SoundCloud  punk, riot grrrl

Vee Cat: Facebook, SoundCloud  drum and bass, jungle









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