I am strangely organised in some aspects of my life, and my Master List of restaurants, cafes, pubs and street food trucks is one of them. I’ve always been a massive foodie, something my parents actively encouraged since I was a baby. They took me with them on trips to Europe, Southeast Asia, North and South America during school holidays, and I tried everything from rare fruits to weird and wacky meats and cheeses (something I wouldn’t touch now). I knew what a pomelo was before I started primary school. I’d eaten durian fruit without a hunt of irony, and my favourite vegetable was asparagus. I was not a picky eater. Only now as an adult I realise how atypical and lucky my childhood was.

Fast forward a few *coughcough* decades and I still love food. I love eating it, but I also love researching new places to eat, scouring magazine articles and blog posts for yet another eatery to add to my “list”. I no longer eat meat, or dairy, or eggs; I’ve been vegetarian for awhile now, and vegan for just over a year. Contrary to what some might think, I don’t live on lettuce leaves and raw carrots, nor is my diet “boring”. Vegans don’t all eat rabbit food. In fact, PLEASE DO NOT feed your bunny friends what I eat, because I’m pretty sure all that pizza, thai food and chocolate isn’t good for them.

I’ll be adding to this list pretty regularly, so it’s by no means exhaustive. If anyone has any particular recommendations, then I would LOVE to hear about/eat at them! Where possible I’ve put a link to past blog posts I’ve written about my experiences at those I’ve tried out, and will of course be adding to these as well as I go along. Think of this as my own personal Vegan Foodie Bucket List, which I hope can be useful resource for others!

I will be adding other cities to this list soon, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Toronto, Prague, and Luxembourg, so watch this space. Please note that all entires in GREEN are ones I have already visited.


Bia Bistrot: 19 Colinton Road (omni restaurant with a separate vegan menu)

Castle Terrace: 33-35 Castle Terrace (posh restaurant, omni but vegan menu available)

Hendersons Holyrood: 67 Holyrood Road (veggie/vegan cafe) read more here

Hendersons Vegan: 25 Thistle Street (vegan restaurant) read more here and here  

Kalpna: 2-3 St Patrick Square

Moon & Hare: 167 Bruntsfield Place (veggie/vegan cafe)

Wedgewood the Restaurant: Royal Mile, 266 Canongate (posh dining, omni but vegan menu available)

Nova Pizza: 42 Howe Street (veggie/vegan pizzeria) read more here  Morag (Mo’adore) wrote about it here

Tuk Tuk: 1 Leven Street (Indian street food, omni with vegan options) read more here. Emma (The Edinbug) and Ruth (Urbanity Blog) wrote about it here and here

*The fabulous Laila (Tape Parade) wrote about some of her Scottish vegan faves here


Amico Bio: 44 Cloth Fair, Barbican  (veggie/vegan Italian restaurant)

Black Cat Cafe: 76 Clarence Road, Hackney (vegan cafe)

Cabana Brazilian BBQ: various locations including Covent Gardenm Brixton and Islington (omni, vegan friendly options)

Campbell’s Canal Cafe: 250 Camden High Street, Camden (vegan cafe with views over the canal)

Chutneys: 124 Drummond Street, Camden (Indian restaurant, veggie)

Coach and Horses: 29 Greek Street, Soho (veggie/vegan pub)

Cook Daily: 2-10 Bethnal Green Road, Boxpark (vegan street food)

Cookies and Scream: Camden Lock Market, Market Hall (vegan and gluten free bakery)

Dou Dou: 6 Kentish Town Road, Camden (Chinese/Thai buffet, vegan, specialising in mock meats)

Elk in the Woods: 37-39 Camden Passage, Camden (omni, veggie/vegan breakfast)

Ethos: 48 Eastcastle Street, Soho (weigh-and-pay veggie/vegan buffet, afternoon tea and breakfast available)  read more here

Green Bay Supermarket: 220 North End Road, W Kensington (vegan supermarket)

HOME: 2-10 Bethnal Green Road, Boxpark (vegan street food, especially pad thai) read more here

Itadaki Zen: 139 Kings Cross Road, Kings Cross (Japanese Restaurant, vegan)

Kin Cafe: 22 Foley Street, nr Oxford Street (veggie/vegan cafe that serves breakfast, brunch menu at weekends) read more here and here 

Lab Organic: 52 Neal Street, Covent Garden (cold pressed juice bar)

Lily Vanilli: 6 The Courtyard, Ezra Street, nr Columbia Road Flower Market (veggie/vegan bakery, cafe only open on Sundays)

Loving Hut: 669 Holloway Road, Archway (Asian restaurant specialising in mock meats) read more here

Manna: 4 Erskine Road, Chalk Farm (oldest vegan restaurant in the UK)

Mestizo: 103 Hampstead Road, Camden (omni Mexican restaurant and tequila bar, vegan friendly options)

Mildreds: 46 Lexington Street, Soho (veggie/vegan restaurant) read more here, here and here

Pho: 163-165 Wardour Street (omni Vietnamese restaurant, vegan friendly options) read more here

Quilon: St James COurt Hotel, Victoria (michelin starred veggie/vegan Indian food)

Redemption: 320 Old Street, Shoreditch (vegan cafe, non alcoholic cocktails)

Senzala Creperie: 41-42 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton Village Market (omni, veggie/vegan friendly options)

The Gallery Cafe: 21 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green (relaxed atmosphere, veggie/vegan cafe that serves breakfast)

Temple of Seitan: 10 Morning Road, Hackney

The Gate: 370 St John Street, Islington (gourmet veggie/vegan restaurant)

Tibits: 12-14 Heddon Street, nr Regent Street (weigh-and-pay veggie/vegan buffet) read more here and the lovely Tara wrote about it here on her blog Cattitude & Co.

Vanilla Black: 17-18 Tooks Court, nr Oxford Street (posh veggie/vegan restaurant)

Vegan Hippo: 52 Rupert Street, Soho (vegan breakfast, pierogies) read more here

222 Veggie Vegan: 222 North End Road, West Kensington (veggie/vegan restaurant)

VX: 73 Caledonian Road, Kings Cross (vegan shop)

Whole Foods: 20 Glasshouse Street, Piccadilly (supermarket, vegan options)

Yorica: 130 Wardour Street, Soho (vegan ice cream and froyo) read more here




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  4. I really love this idea of having a wish list, and blogs when you go. I can see myself doing this for cocktail bars, since it goes so well with my blog! 🙂

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