Not a Fashion Blogger: LFW Day 4 (Series 4/4)

As we launched ourselves at full speed towards the last day of LFW’s AW 2017 season in our carefully-selected-for-comfort mismatched velvet brogues, this rookie fashion writer was inspired, excited, and very very knackered. 

In a strange way, making an effort to dress up each day for LFW made me a bit more body positive and confident with my outfit choices. Obviously there were model-thin women and men in clothes that probably wouldn’t fit my left wrist, but there were also people of all shapes and sizes dressed in the most incredible eye-catching ensembles, and they all looked bloody fantastic. So on Day 4 of LFW I picked up a skirt and jacket combination that I would have worried made me look “too short”, and I wore the hell out of it.


We have no shows before 11am on Monday, so I made plans to meet Tajinder from Music Geek Online and Shona from The Prim Girl near Freemasons at quarter to. Did I spend that extra time in bed? Absofuckinglutely not. I stopped by the huge Oxford Street Topshop and found a jacket I loved so much I had to wear it immediately, a gorgeous Ragged Priest distressed denim beauty held together with chains. Oh, 90s me would have loved this. 2017 me loves it too. My outfit is a mishmash of Day 1’s pink and green one-of-a-kind Totty Rocks top, a black t-shirt layered on top as a vest, a midi length striped circle skirt and a pair of silver brogues. With my new denim jacket, this is probably my most interesting outfit of the weekend.

I’m just around the corner from Freemasons and somebody stops me to compliment my outfit. He’s a photographer from Edinburgh who happens to be shooting StreetStyle, and he asks to take my photo; apparently this combination of “everthing I haven’t worn yet this weekend” is working for me. I find Tajinder, we drink our coffees, take photos of each others outfits, and wait to get in to the first presentation of the day.
Lekat x Billie Jacobina. This is a fully interactive presentation, and I find one model who is probably the most photogenic person I have ever seen. I take so many photos. Some are bound to be in focus. There is so much to see here, and the combination of Lekat’s distinctive designs and Billie Jacobina’s statement prints is incredible.

Pret again. I am on my second coffee of the day. Normally by this point the villagers would have been warned and the hatches would be battened, but somehow the combination of LFW exhaustion and caffeine seems to work for me.
Queuing again. I am so over queues. So over it. The woman behind us is a rep from Forward PR, and asks me if I know Rebekah Roy as I am also Canadian. I excitedly say yes, yes I actually do. This is the first time in my life I have been able to do this.
David Ferreira “Freakball”. Visually one of the most incredible shows I have ever seen, and we leave a little stunned and disoriented. It is like nothing we have ever seen before. Everything is a celebration of the extraordinary; models didn’t just walk down the catwalk, they created a theatrical display. The finale outfit of layered tulle was unbelievable. I am literally speechless; I can say this with conviction because it takes me half a coconut-milk-latte before I can form coherent sentences again.

Photos courtesy of PlusMinus Magazine

Pret, for phone charging and coffee-drinking.
Harry Xu. I have wised up and stood at the iron gates to get a decent view, because I’m short and people have large heads. When we come back out we’re straight back into another queue for our next show, and I get asked twice to be photographed for StreetStyle snaps because I look so colourful. The top I am wearing is going to be all over Instagram, apparently.
Irynvigre. This is such an interesting concept, with artificial humanoids representing the dawn of a post-apocolyptic world. The deconstructed shapes and use of a desaturated palette go perfectly together.
We make our way into the John Herrera “Agila” presentation, to the beat of a performance art piece with live drumming. The collection is so powerful; I love the structured, exaggerated silhouettes, and the digitally printed textiles were gorgeous.  I make notes on my phone with key words like “tribal”, “warrior women”, “animalistic” and “the designer who you wear when you need to power dress”. I am clearly getting faster at typing.

Barrus. I approach this one differently because I knew this will be our last show of LFW, and I also know that someone else has claimed it, so I get to enjoy it just as a spectator. The collection is full of jewel-toned colours, embellished fabrics, and unabashedly feminine shapes.
Pret, one last time.
Hungry, exhausted, and confused that it is actually over. We head to Costa to recharge our phones out of habit, though we don’t really need to. It’s hard to switch off. We talk abut our favourites, which ones we want to write up, and which shows left us underwhelmed. We laugh about those infernal queues.
We decide to go for a meal together at Mildreds in Soho, followed by a drink in a wee pub. This would have been the time to party, but we know we will be saying goodbye to the folk we’d spent every waking moment with submerged in fashion for four days. I’m looking forward to a long lie in tomorrow, but I’m also sad it it’s over. If I’m honest, I didn’t think I would come out of the experience having made new friends; I was convinced I would be the only non-fashion blogger in the group, and it was absolutely wonderful to be proved wrong.

I may not be a fashion blogger, but this experience of LFW as a journalist really made me remember what I love about fashion. I hope y’all have enjoyed my play-by-play Fashion Week Diaries, and you can check out my articles about LFW over at PlusMinus.


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