Misty Mountain Clothes Swop 

Things have been a bit crazy around here since I got back from London, but yesterday I got to take some time out from the mayhem to check out this awesome project at Gayfield Creative Spaces.  Misty Mountain Clothes Swop  is a pop up clothing exchange providing a place to bring in your fabulous pre-owned clothing that can be exchanged either for a credit note or cash in store.  


There are so many things I love about this concept!  I have a wardrobe absolutely crammed full of items I never wear, or am bored to death of.  There’s nothing technically wrong with the clothes I have, but I have things in there that just aren’t *quite* my style and I needed to have a clear out.  Blow away some proverbial cobwebs.  And, er, add to my substantial shoe collection.
“Fast” and disposable fashion may provide that hit of instant gratification *cough cough Primark*, but it is also a HUGE contributing factor to environmental issues such as finite resource use of raw materials and non renewable energy, not to mention the human consequences of sweat shop labour.  Yikes!

As this was the last day of this month’s “swop”, I was able to get a credit note to use in store rather than cash.  However this was absolutely fine with me, as before the lovely Alyssa (a fellow Canadian, I should add) had even finished tallying up how much I would get in credit, I had already found 4 pairs of awesome shoes to add to my swop pile.  That included a pair of old school oxfords reminiscent of a much cooler version of my school uniform shoes, a pair of surprisingly walkable green Gucci heels, basic comfy heels in the brightest red, and my favourites, canary yellow t-bar sandals with a clear Perspex heel.  I really couldn’t resist.

The shop was bursting with so much fabulous stuff; a mixture of cool vintage, designer, and high street.  I have to admit I left with almost as much as I’d come in with to swop, and spent almost no money due to the beauty of the exchange!


If you missed this one, go check out their website or Facebook to find out when their next event is.


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