If we were having coffee…

…what would I tell you?

I’ve always loved this type of post, both reading and writing them. Maybe I’m just a nosy fucker. If I follow your blog, it’s because I’m interested in what you have to say; I want to know the rationalisation behind what makes you…you. Are we alike? Are we different? What are your thoughts, your feelings, your experiences? Maybe I’m overthinking this, because I probably shouldn’t drink coffee. It makes me hyperactive.

I was tagged by the lovely Eleanor Duffy, and being the narcissistic nosy pup that I am, I was on it like sunburn on a drunk Scottish dude shouting “taps aff” on holiday in Magaluf.

If we were having coffee…I would tell you I’m Canadian. You’d probably already know this because it’s such an integral part of my persona and my upbringing, but I would tell you why being a Canadian is so important to me. In times of political uncertainty, when right-wing pseudo politicians somehow manage to grasp power in the US, and when Scotland’s fate hangs in the balance as we try to manoeuvre around the fallout that is the UK’s imminent departure from the EU…Canadian politics is one of the few things I can hold onto. We have a liberal government, a progressive PM, and the contrast between us and the US has never been quite so pronounced as it is now. Our Prime Minister is an advocate of LGBTQIA rights, of welcoming refugees, of environmental issues and tackling Climate Change. We have gender parity in our Cabinet. Equality actually looks like a possibility in my lifetime rather than a dim hope, and the beaver is even more proud and majestic than ever. I’m a Canadian stereotype, but I don’t care; I am a maple-syrup chugging, (vegan) poutine munching, hockey watching, liberal leftie with a Turonno accent. Oh, and nobody but Drake calls it the 6ix. Please stop making that a thing.

If we were having coffee…I would tell you I am a feminist. It’s such an ingrained part of me that it seems trite to even mention it, because I would assume that this was just a given. I am a woman, I am a human, and to believe that anything less than equality for all genders is enough seems just kinda…unnatural.

If we were having coffee…I would tell you I have recently rediscovered my love for fashion. When I was a child, my dream was to be a designer; I am a designer, but not in the field I’d imagined. I was happiest drawing 8-and-a-half-head tall models in fantastical outfits, and I made clothes for all my Barbie dolls; in fact, I rarely “played” with my dolls in the traditional sense. I’d use everything from scraps of fabric from my mum’s altered garments to balloons, so yes, I was an 8 year old with a BDSM-inspired Barbie. I wonder how my parents explained the rubber dress and bondage straps to their friends?

If we were having coffee…I would tell you about my dog. His name is Rhod, and he is the most perfect little angel, with his velvety ears and that special soft bit under his chin that tickles when I scratch it. I adopted him with my ex as a puppy, and he has been my constant companion ever since. He’s named after the Welsh comedian, by the way; the night we brought him home, my friend put a Rhod Gilbert DVD on, and that gorgeous 11-week-old pup couldn’t take his eyes off the screen as his namesake stomped back and forth across the stage in the throes of one of his famous rants. I would then show you photos of my pup, because I am that person. I’m not sorry. He’s glorious.

If we were having coffee…I would tell you I only use cruelty-free makeup. I won’t just burst out with it, but I am one of those people who has to reapply my lipstick/gloss/balm constantly as a naked lip makes me feel exposed, and my choice in colours is usually so bright you can see me from space. The topic will come up.

It’s something that is very important to me, and as a blogger with a semi-decent following on social media, it would be slightly strange if I bought from brands that don’t align with my morals and ethics. I would tell you that I feel there can be less of a grey area for me because I air my opinions so publicly on social media, so whilst I will never actually try to make someone else feel bad if they aren’t a cruelty-free blogger or still choose to use products from brands that are involved with animal testing by selling in China *coughcoughMACcoughcough*, I couldn’t  do it myself. I would feel hypocritical. I will always encourage others to try my fave cruelty-free brands, and I love supporting my fellow cruelty-free bloggers. I would tell you to check out Nadia’s blog, and Vivi’s, and Suzi’s, and Steph’s. I would tell you that if it’s Korean beauty you’re into, you should read the fabulous Fii’s post on cruelty free K-beauty brands. I will probably even give you my lipstick if you love the colour.

If we were having coffee…I would tell you about my gallery. I own an art gallery. After years of office jobs and interminable 8-5 days spent working for huge organisations (mostly in the public sector), I was a bit fed up. I always knew I’d end up in a creative career, probably because I suck at maths and chemistry makes about as much sense to me as tap lessons for a cat.

Just over a year ago, my friend Karen and I were chatting about opening a gallery and creative space for emerging artists; we were excited about starting something, but we always thought this would be something for the future. 2 years, maybe 5 years in the future. A week later we saw the perfect retail unit in an ideal location, and wound up writing a business plan over cocktails that very night. Did I ever mention I write best under pressure?

We didn’t even have a name, but I already had 2 employees and a team of incredible people working on the project, months before we opened. Flamingosaurus Rex was actually what I’d wanted to call my blog, but Karen fell in love with it for the gallery and so did I. It’s colourful, it’s memorable, and it made for a killer logo. We opened in May 2016, and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

I’ve really enjoyed writing this, as I think it’s a little something different from what I usually post on my blog.

I’m tagging Emily, Sophie, Ada and Terry.






  1. Lucie, I loved reading this so much!! I feel like even though most of this is stuff I already know, I love the coffee framing format (I just read Ada’s version as well). Also, it makes me feel like we’re super proper friends due to already knowing you and that’s just awesome. Yay internet 🙂 xx

    1. Author

      Awwwww! Thank you!!! I loved writing this, but especially adored reading the ones other folk wrote. Also this is the loveliest comment, bc i’m so freaking glad we’re proper friends and hang out irl & stuff. Yay internet indeed’ ? xxx

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  3. Loved this post so much, it brought me back to how blogging used to be (before all the make up reviews and PR stuff happened). I’m gonna go ahead and say, I think I’d enjoy having a chat with you over coffee. I’d bloody love to see pictures of your dog, I have two of my own. There would be so much aww-ing going on.

    I really want to try going cruelty free – I think most of the make up I own is, but it’s something I need to research further into.

    *off to check out ALL the links you posted, and your art gallery* – go you btw!

    Em x

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