Mondays, London, and spending all my money in 2 hours 

To say I had a great time in London at the weekend would be a gross understatement. I have gushed about the fabulous food and the even more fabulous company to everyone I’ve spoken to since I got back, and i just will NOT shut up about the incredible vegan pad thai Laila introduced me to. I wrote about it, I took photos of it, I savoured every perfect mouthful. I am now ruined for all other Thai food. THERE HAVE BEEN REPERCUSSIONS.

I had a few hours in the morning to kill before my lunchtime train, so I thought I would do a little shopping and have one final fantastic feast before I had to spend 6 hours on the train back to Edinburgh. First stop was my favourite Mojo. I got here in time for them opening because I was that keen. 

Mojo was a wee juice bar I discovered when I was down in London for work last September, and I spent so many pre-meeting mornings there it pretty much became my local. If you haven’t been, they do the best vegan toasties, not to mention some of the most delicious (and unique) smoothies and juices I’ve ever tried.

As this is me talking, I obviously balanced one of their “Green & It Ain’t Mean” smoothies (spinach, pear, lemon, sage and moringa) out with salted caramel and raspberry doughnut.

The toast of the day was their version of BLT, but with smoky coconut “facon”, fresh greens, avocado and tomato. I’ve never considered adding coconut to a sandwich before, but this was really something else. Whoever comes up with these combinations is some sort of genius, because I am never usually a sandwich fan but I will travel across London for one of their ‘wiches.

Next stop on my whirlwind morning around central London was Liberty’s, or more precisely, their stationary department. I am such a paper fetishist. I have more beautiful notebooks than I’ll probably ever be able to fill, but as long as they keep making all that glorious paper eye candy I will always buy “just one more”. This is why I came to London with a half empty suitcase, folks. I probably need an intervention.

I had a look in the Choccywoccydoodah store on Foubert’s Place, which had an Alice in Wonderland display. If you ever need to lure me in to a shop or a cafe, just stick a flamingo in the window and tell me there’s a mad hatter’s tea party in there. I’ll be there before you can finish your sentence.

The last time I was in London I found myself in the SkinnyDip shop in Covent Garden and fell in love with everything there. Every. Damned. Thing. I was actually in to find a present for a friend who was babysitting my pup for me but ended up with couple of handbags and a furry rucksack for myself, so I just had to go back and see if anything else tempted me this time. I nearly bought everything in the shop.

My last stop was the Irregular Choice shop just off Carnaby Street, because I’ve been trying to find more non-leather alternatives for my shoe collection and they have the PRETTIEST stuff. Again, Alice in Wonderland is one of their themes. I am a sucker for a tardy bunny.
I managed to leave with not one, not two, but FOUR pairs of fabulous footwear. Didn’t get a chance to take photos of the adorable “Woofy” loafers I bought so I’ll do a separate post on them later in the week, but just cast your eyes over these glorious velvet lace-ups.

Yes, I bought them in both pink and blue. I have zero regrets. I’ll probably be wearing them as a mismatched pair, because I dress like a small child hopped up on lollies and ice cream.

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