I can often be found expressing myself through the medium of 140 characters or less with (hopefully) some grammatical accuracy on Twitter. If you want to read my thoughts on everything from feminism, food, cruelty-free beauty, ethical fashion, puppies, kittens, art, or you just want to be a part of my constant stream of consciousness…this is the best place to find me.

If pics of vegan food are more up your street, with the more than occasional snap of my face, eye-wateringly bright OOTDs, my ever-changing hair colour, or my beloved dog, then you should check out my Instagram. Unfortunately my cat doesn’t like to be photographed. I also post about design as I go to most of the trade shows and fairs for work. If art is more your thing though, check out the Instagram feed for Flamingosaurus Rex, a gallery and design shop that I *gasp* own and run.

Do you want to send me a message? Sometimes only email will do, and I *do* check mine reasonably often. I love to get emails too, either just to chat or if you want to do a collab, work with me, or send me cute animal pics. I am up for all these things so get in touch. You can get me at luciedhog@gmail.com.