I *gasp* don’t like the term “Blogroll”. Over the past year and a half I’ve met so many incredible bloggers and read so many fabulous blogs, that I feel the word doesn’t really do them justice. I wanted more than just a list of folk I follow. I wanted y’all to know why I love these particular blogs and bloggers. Sure, I could just reel off a list of the HUGE bloggers, but wouldn’t y’all rather see a real life list of bloggers I actually love and follow?

This will be a dynamic list, so I’ll be adding to it all the time when I come across a new gem that I just have to share. This is also not a “complete” list. I might have accidentally forgotten to add someone, so feel free to give me a shout if you see any who really should be on here!


Emily at Frankly Ms Shankly: This ginger ninja is one of my best friends, and we met through blogging/Twitter over a year ago. She is one of the only people I will ever show a blog post before it’s ready to post (send her your condolences please), an awesome human being and one of the most supportive people I’ve ever met. We bring out the creep in each other. Her blog is all sorts of awesome, with everything from fabulous outfit posts to frank discussion about mental health, foodie reviews and Halloweeny goodness. Check out her posts on horror films as she is a bit of an expert on the subject. Emily also started Edinburgh Bloggers, a group that now has a few hundred members and almost 3k followers on Twitter. She is the go-to person to speak to about all things blog-related in Edinburgh

Emily at Under A Glass Sky: I think the first time I met Emily IRL was about 10 years ago, and she had a blog that I read and followed before I even knew what a “blog” was. She’s a design obsessive like I am, her taste in clothes is impeccable, and her Instagram is basically full of pics of her beautiful pups, Cooper and Digby.

Fii at Little Miss Fii: knows more about Asian culture and especially the beauty industry in Korea and Japan than anyone I know. This is what she did her degree in. She has cultivated connections with organisations and brands both in the UK and abroad, has lived in South Korea, and can both speak and read the language. Everything I know about Korean beauty I learned from her.

Jess at Sex and Shiz: Jess is very active in the LGBTQA community, and her blog documenting her adventures in dating is just as frank, honest, witty and intelligent as she is IRL. 

Laila at Tape Parade: Laila is one of the first London bloggers I met, and one of the kindest people EVER. She’s also a VERY talented musician, so you should really check out her Soundcloud and have a listen. Serious amounts of research go into her well-thought out blog posts about veganism and resources for those who want to transition to a plant-based diet, and she knows ALL the best places to eat. Ask her about the vegan pad thai.

Lauren at The Devil Wears Tartan: Lauren is one of my favourite people. There, I said it. Her blog is incredibly well-written, and every post shows so much of her personality that you’ll honest to goodness feel like she’s sitting there talking to you in person. Do not stare directly into her eyes as I am pretty sure it would knock you straight into a hypnotic state.

Meghan at MeghanSara: Meghan has the most brutally hilarious sense of humour. She’s sarcastic and fabulous, and her commentary on the issues that women face is just perfect. Unsolicited dick pics? The American presidential debates? Selfies? I love everything Meghan writes, on her blog and on Twitter, but I swear if you read either of these things in a public place then I am refusing to take any responsibility if you soil yourself laughing. Or agreeing. Can you piss yourself agreeing? You probably can if you’re reading Meghan’s blog.

Rachel at Still Got an Opinion: Rachel and I have a very similar sense of humour. Sick, twisted, and probably a bit questionable sometimes. We bonded over flat laying the patriarchy and a mutual lack of Instagram themes. She takes zero BS.

Sarah at Sarah in Wonderland: Sarah is just is an incredible person, who not only writes for her own inspiring blog, but also set up Spoonie Post, a project to cheer up, encourage and support fellow chronically ill and disabled people.

Sophie at Once Upon a Sophie: Sophie is wonderfully outspoken, has zero problems sticking up for her beliefs and I admire the hell outta her. She’s one of the reasons I’ve become more of an outspoken feminist this last year and a huge advocate for destigmatising mental health issues! Sophie is also funny AF, her sense of humour is spot on, and her eyebrow game is very very strong.

Sophie at Sophia Violet Blog: I met Sophie through a group chat and was so surprised at her age. She’s a journalism and politics student and her blog totally reflects that; we share a love of Canadian politics, Justin Trudeau, and puppies. Sophie is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and I adore her AND her blog. Her eyebrow game is also exceptional. I wonder if she will just move to Edinburgh and teach me how to do my makeup?

Steph at The Zombie Said: First of all, I love Steph’s blog name. She’s a fellow vegan blogger with some very similar views to mine about living a cruelty-free life. Her cruelty-free and vegan beauty recs are spot on, her blog is incredibly well written, and her photos give me a touch of jealousy.

Suzy and Beth (founders) at The Olive Fox: The content over at The Olive Fox is just awesome; original and insightful, and pretty much the nicest group of folk in the online blogger community. Their site is award-winning, and it’s pretty obvious why. If you love cute animal pics then their Twitter is a must-follow.

Suzy at From the Fringe: Suzy’s blog was one of the very first I followed, back when she blogged over at “Eeep I’m a Blogger”. She writes about all things feminist, from why dresses should have pockets to Kiran Gandhi’s marathon run, and she is an actual ray of human sunshine.  I also wish I could rock a fringe like she can.

Tara at Cattitude and Co: Tara also has a YouTube channel, which is a must-watch for all things feminist. I have to admit I’m not usually into watching vlogs, but Tara’s is one of the few I actually subscribe to and regularly watch.


Kimberley and Helen at Wardrobe Conversations: How many samey, “safe” fashion blogs can you think of? Every item off the high street? A lot of beige? Well Kim and Helen’s site is the VERY OPPOSITE of those blogs, with everything from stunning vintage pieces to local and independent designers. Both lasses have their own very distinctive style, which translates into some of the most incredibly styled outfits I have ever seen. I know Kim better IRL, and she is low-key hilarious. Also she can be bribed with cake.

Ruth at Urbanity: Ruth’s blog is my go-to for posts about ethical fashion and sustainability; not only is she a fashion student, but she also works at SDX (Scottish Design Exchange) – a non-profit retail space that promotes local and independent designers from Scotland. Her blog is interesting, relatable, and she really knows her stuff when it comes to ethical fashion.

Bel at Rags of Love: Bel is basically the sparkliest, most colourful human being I think I’ve ever met. She makes me want to be a unicorn. I would live happily ever after inside her wardrobe, amongst the striped pastel cosy jumpers, candy coloured sundresses and cartoon-inspired handbags.



Aimee at Wallflower Kitchen: If you’re vegan, vegetarian, or in fact if you just love food, Aimee’s blog is just beautiful. Every time she posts a recipe, it goes immediately onto my “must try” list. Don’t read before eating, as you will get serious hunger pangs.

Mel at A Virtual Vegan: Mel has some of the best vegan recipes over on her blog, including one for a dairy-free butter I am dying to try. Her whole ethos is wholesome, nutritious plant-based food, which can be a very welcome change from all the vegan junk food out there.